2011 10th IEEE Int'l Symp. Mixed and Augmented Reality, pp. 191–200

Screen captured display from pinning.

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Augmented Reality in the Psychomotor Phase of a Procedural Task

by Steven J. Henderson and Steven K. Feiner

Procedural tasks are common to many domains, ranging from maintenance and repair, to medicine, to the arts. We describe and evaluate a prototype augmented reality (AR) user interface designed to assist users in the relatively under-explored psychomotor phase of procedural tasks. In this phase, the user begins physical manipulations, and thus alters aspects of the underlying task environment. Our prototype tracks the user and multiple components in a typical maintenance assembly task, and provides dynamic, prescriptive, overlaid instructions on a see-through head-worn display in response to the user's ongoing activity. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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