2011 Int'l Symp. Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, pp. 265–274

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Size Estimation of Cloud Migration Projects with Cloud Migration Point (CMP)

by Van T.K. Tran, Kevin Lee, Alan Fekete, Anna Liu, and Jacky Keung

One major obstacle to enterprise adoption of cloud technologies has been the lack of visibility into migration effort and cost. In this paper, we present a methodology, called Cloud Migration Point (CMP), for estimating the size of cloud migration projects, by recasting a well-known software size estimation model called Function Point (FP) into the context of cloud migration. We empirically evaluate our CMP model by performing a cross-validation on six different small-scale cloud migration projects and show that our size estimation model can be used as a reliable predictor for effort estimation. Furthermore, we prove that our CMP model satisfies the fundamental properties of a software size measure. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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