2011 IEEE 4th Int'l Conf. Cloud Computing, pp. 541–548

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Decision Support Tools for Cloud Migration in the Enterprise

by Ali Khajeh-Hosseini, Ian Sommerville, Jurgen Bogaerts, and Pradeep Teregowda

This paper describes two tools that aim to support decision making during the migration of IT systems to the cloud. The first is a modeling tool that produces cost estimates of using public IaaS clouds. The tool enables IT architects to model their applications, data and infrastructure requirements in addition to their computational resource usage patterns. The tool can be used to compare the cost of different cloud providers, deployment options and usage scenarios. The second tool is a spreadsheet that outlines the benefits and risks of using IaaS clouds from an enterprise perspective, this tool provides a starting point for risk assessment. Two case studies were used to evaluate the tools. The tools were useful as they informed decision makers about the costs, benefits and risks of using the cloud. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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