IEEE Internet Computing, July/August 2008, pp. 12–21

Second Life integration with the physical world.

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Internet-Scale Data Management

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The Rise of People-Centric Sensing

by Andrew T. Campbell, Shane B. Eisenman, Nicholas D. Lane, Emiliano Miluzzo, Ronald A. Peterson, Hong Lu, Xiao Zheng, Mirco Musolesi, Kristof Fodor, and Gahng-Seop Ahn

The evolution of sensing, computing, and communication technology over the past few years has brought us to a tipping point in the field of wireless sensor networking. A decade ago, research prototype hardware began to emerge, facilitating the genesis of wireless sensor networks as they exist today: small resource-limited embedded devices that communicate via low-power, low-bandwidth radio. A natural first application of these networks of custom devices was solving relatively small-scale specialized problems in the scientific and industrial domains, such as forest monitoring and preventative maintenance. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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