IEEE Internet Computing, March/April 2006, pp. 18–25

Cover art: volcano and sensors. Image by Rob Magiera, Studio Noumena.

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Deploying a Wireless Sensor Network on an Active Volcano

by Geoffrey Werner-Allen, Konrad Lorincz, Matt Welsh, Omar Marcillo, Jeff Johnson, Mario Ruiz, and Jonathan Lees

Wireless sensor networks — in which numerous resource-limited nodes are linked via low-bandwidth wireless radios — have been the focus of intense research during the past few years. Since their conception, they've excited a range of scientific communities because of their potential to facilitate data acquisition and scientific studies. Collaborations between computer scientists and other domain scientists have produced networks that can record data at a scale and resolution not previously possible. Taking this progress one step further, wireless sensor networks can potentially advance the pursuit of geophysical studies of volcanic activity. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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