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Building Digital Autonomy for a Sustainable World
Hosted by the Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy
July 4-8

STA 2017: The 9th IEEE International COMPSAC Workshop on Software Test Automation

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Workshop organizer(s):
Rajesh Subramanyan, Siemens USA


Fevzi Belli, University of Paderborn


Goal of the workshop:
Test automation aims to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of software testing by using various techniques and methods. Other benefits are consistency and accuracy, reduction of overall test cycle time, risk mitigation of manual testing, and increase in overall product quality. Recording test activities as test scripts and playing the test scripts or record and playback are the common methods. More advanced methodologies include data-driven, keyword-driven and hybrid methods as well as framework-based methods. Among tool development, interoperability remains a major challenge.

Workshop theme:
This year’s theme of COMPSAC is “Building Digital Autonomy for a Sustainable World”. Our world changes constantly, driven by the desire to make our lives more convenient, safe and enjoyable. Once the lore of science-fiction, we now share our planet with billions of automated processes, functioning under the control of computer systems we have developed. As we enjoy the advantages they provide, we can't help but wonder, what will be the next major technical innovations and where might they lead us? We've seen conventional automobiles become self-driving cars, human-directed systems become adapted ones, and human services enhanced by robotic services. Clearly, the movement from physical to cyber-enhanced domains is rapid and increasing, calling upon ever-more exciting innovations in computers, software and applications.

Accordingly, submissions including applications and case studies in these areas will highly be appreciated.

Scope of the workshop:
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Test automation for large, complex systems
  • Model Based Testing
  • Test automation in the context of different software development lifecycle methodologies
  • Design of high-quality, reusable tests
  • Product Line Testing
  • Test modeling and test methodologies
  • Combinatorial testing, Test input generation
  • Test-driven development and behavior driven testing
  • Operation, maintenance and evolution of test tools and environments
  • Application in different domains – digital world, cloud computing, healthcare
  • Experiments, empirical studies, experience reports, and case studies.
  • Support for testing methods, test framework, test infrastructure.
  • Management of distributed test assets and test environments
  • Development, operation, integration, and standardization of test tools
  • Test metrics to measure test efficiency and test coverage optimization
  • Test efficiency, Test effectiveness, and Lean testing approaches.
  • Quantitative studies including cost vs. benefit studies.

Program Committee:

Feza Buzluca, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Arilo Claudio, Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil
Atilla Elci, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus
Ron Kenett, KPA Ltd and Neaman Institute, Technion, Israel
Yvan Labiche, Carleton University, Canada
Juncao Li, Uber, USA
Marek Stochel, Motorola Solutions, Poland
Dragos Truscan, Ãbo Akademi University, Finland
Tugkan Tuglular, Izmir University, Turkey
Fie Xie, Portland University, USA
Tolga Ayav, Izmir University, Turkey


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Authors, please use the IEEE Author Kit to prepare your papers for publication in the COMPSAC proceedings.

Please note COMPSAC C1J2 & J1C2 schemes for journal publication opportunity

Important Dates

May 9, 2017: Main Conference Camera Ready and Registration Due 
May 14, 2017: SRS Camera Ready and Registration Due
May 16, 2017: Workshop and Fast Abstract Camera Ready and Registration Due