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Building Digital Autonomy for a Sustainable World
Hosted by the Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy
July 4-8

Big Data Initiative - Special Events at COMPSAC 2017

The IEEE Future Directions Big Data Initiative is sponsoring a number of special events at COMPSAC. Please join us in exploring current research work and future trends in the many areas of computing in which Big Data plays a major role. Enter our data competition to win cash prizes! Additional information on Big Data Initiative sponsored events at COMPSAC will be posted here as information comes available. 

IEEE COMPSAC 2017 Big Data Analytics and Visualization Competition

Data Science is all about the processes and methods to access and analyze data to gain insights for informed decision making. To promote the awareness and analytic technology of Big Data, IEEE COMPSAC and the IEEE Big Data Initiative are organizing a Data Analytics Competition.

PDF - Guidelines and Submission Information

Big Data and Interconnected Technologies
DSAT Symposia Keynote
David G. Belanger, Senior Research Fellow, Stevens Institute of Technology; Former VP - Information, Software & Systems Research, AT&T Labs (USA); Chair of the IEEE Big Data Initiative

Abstract: We are on the verge of yet another quantum leap, enabled by new communications technologies and expansion into non-traditional fields, in the amount and types of data available for analysis. In parallel, technology, analytics/visualization, and governance to take advantage of the multiple V's have evolved at a very rapid pace. The technologies are typically oriented to using parallelism and distribution to manage scale and complexity without exploding cost, and they have matured into a second generation in which the tools, often open source, are accessible to a wide variety of users. A number of examples of application types, e.g., detecting rare events or recommender systems, business intelligence, using big data that would have been too costly or too difficult prior to it, have become commonplace.

Bio: David Belanger is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Stevens Institute of Technology. He continues his work in Big Data Technology, Applications, and Governance, and is a leader in the Business Intelligence & Analysis Master's Degree program. He also leads the IEEE Big Data Initiative (

Dr. Belanger retired as Chief Scientist at AT&T Labs, and Vice President of Information, Software & Systems Research. He created the AT&T InfoLab, a very early (1995) participant in "Big Data" research and practice. Prior to that, he led the Software Engineering Research Department at Bell Labs. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University.

Awards include: AT&T Science and Technology Medal for contributions in very large scale information mining technology; At&T Fellow for "lifetime contributions in software, software tools, and information mining; and the IEEE Communications Society Industrial Innovator Award. Belanger currently holds 31 awarded patents.

Converging Around Big Data and Applications
Panel Discussion
Organized by DSAT Symposium Co-chairs Kathy Grise, Senior Program Director, IEEE, and Xin Yao, University of Birmingham, UK

This panel will demonstrate the convergence in what are seemingly different and distinct technology fields. Divergent technologies and topics "converge" around big data and specific applications. Subject matter experts representing computing, biomedical, data intelligence, privacy and security, network communications, and energy will present the respective technologies, their applications, and insights from a practical perspective. The goal of this panel is to show how data fits into humanity, its factors and societal impacts; how data is sourced from smart devices, sensors, wearables, etc...levaraging applications and technologies that rely heavily on data; and practical use cases from industry.




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