Outstanding Chapter Award

The IEEE Computer Society has initiated the Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA) to award the CS chapter and student branch chapter that are judged as having provided their membership with the best overall set of programs and activities. The CS chapter and student branch chapter receiving the award will be recognized for achieving excellence in their chapter operations at a IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors meeting. Chapters will compete based on success in the following categories:

1.    Technical Activities
2.    Societal Activities
3.    Membership Advancement, Fellow Nominations and Awards
4.    Enlistment of New CS Members

The Award: The award consists of an Outstanding Chapters Award certificate (one for the winning chapter and one for the winning student branch chapter), and a completely paid Distinguished Visitor Program visit.

The deadline is : 14 November 2017

Requirements: The award allows large and small chapters to compete on an equal basis. The following are requirements for competing:

1. Submit an entry article heralding the Chapter's success.
2. Submit an additional brief but detailed report (and any supporting documents) of the Chapter's activity in the following areas:

a. Service to members in the technical area (technical meetings, tutorials, education, etc.);
b. Service to members in the societal area (involvement in non-technical society activities; volunteer activity in CS public affairs, Section activities, or work with the local membership);
c. Promotion of membership advancement, Fellow nominations, and IEEE awards; and
d. Enlistment of new members in the chapter.

3. Your total application should not exceed 10 pages

4. To be eligible to win -- Chapters should not have won the OCA for the three preceding years.

Judging Criteria: Chapters are judged by fulfilling the above requirements, and are assigned points for their entry by a judging team. The chapter with the highest total evaluation will be judged the winning chapter.

Application Process
Please email your files and materials (see above requirements) by 14  November 2017 to Eric Berkowitz:  e.berkowitz@computer.org. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your OCA application. Thank You !