Distinguished Visitors Program: Europe, Middle East, and Africa

The IEEE Computer Society is pleased to present the Region 8 (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) Distinguished Vistors [Speakers] Program. Region 8 chapters interested in the speakers below should refer to the general guidelines for the DVP.



Marcello Caleffi

Marcello Caleffi (2017-2019)
Biological Computing: Building Chips with Living Organisms
Toward Practical Quantum Computing



Seifedine Kadry

Seifedine Kadry (2017-2019)
Smart Learning in Smart Cities
Social Network and Graph Analysis
E-based systems and computer networks




Sherif Sakr

Sherif Sakr (2017-2019)
Big Data 2.0 Processing Engines
Large Scale Graph Processing Systems
Big Data Science as a Service
Data Analytics for Healthcare Services



Hossam M.A. Fahmy

Hossam M.A. Fahmy (2016-2018)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs): Concepts, Protocols, and Applications
Testbeds for WSNs
Energy Harvesting in WSNs



Katarzyna Wac

Katarzyna Wac (2018-2020)
Biosensors for the Telemonitoring of Patients
Star Trek's Tricorder: Science Fiction or Future Science
From Quantified Self to Quality of Life



Leonel Sousa

Leonel Sousa (2018-2020)
Modeling Performance and Energy-Efficiency of Multi-Cores: The Cache-Aware Roofline Approach and the Intel Advisor
Modular Arithmetic-based Circuits and Systems for Emerging Technologies and Applications: Deep Neural Networks and Cryptography
Microprocessors/ MCUs for Internet of Things