H. Wayne Hodgins

2002 Hans Karlsson Award

"For extraordinary leadership and vision that led to the first learning technology standard that was instrumental in moving an entire industry to pursue a standards-based rather than a proprietary approach"

Wayne Hodgins


Wayne Hodgins is recognized around the world as a strategic futurist and one of the leading experts on human performance improvement, knowledge management, learning and training technology. With over 30-years of experience in business and education, Wayne has developed thought-provoking and visionary perspectives on how learning, technology, and standards can revolutionize workforce productivity.

Wayne began his career as an educator of young adults and professionals, teaching industrial design and technology in Vancouver, Canada. He played a key role in training other educators throughout North America on leading technologies, such as AutoCAD. In 1988, Wayne received the Marshall McLuhan Most Distinguished Teacher award.

In 1989, Wayne joined Autodesk, Inc. to develop and manage the company's teacher training and CAD standard programs. He was an advisor on the development of the National CAD Skill Standards, where he began distinguishing himself as a strategic thinker in areas related to learning, performance and productivity. In the years since, Wayne has been invited to participate on dozens of internationally recognized standards boards. He currently serves as Chair of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee, responsible for defining the Learning Object Metadata Standard. Wayne also serves as a strategic advisor to groups such as the US Department of Defense, CEN/ISSS European Standards Body, PROMETEUS education and training consortium for Europe, ISO JTC1/SC36, and Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium in Japan. Most recently, Wayne was appointed to the Industrial Advisory Board of the European Unions 6th Framework PROLEARN Network of Excellence. As a result of his work with IEEE and other organizations focused on learning and content strategies, Wayne is known throughout the training industry as "Mr. Metadata" and is commonly referred to as the "father" of Learning Objects.

Over the years, Wayne has developed a view of human performance improvement that promotes the synergy between learning, productivity, creativity and activity – a concept he calls "learnativity." He has formed a non-profit organization, Learnativity.org, that actively explores this concept in collaboration with others in the training industry.

Wayne has been profiled and interviewed by business press including Forbes, Fortune, Industry Week, CNN, C-NET, and e-CFO. Training Magazine named Wayne one its top 10 "New Breed of Visionaries for the 21st Century," and e-Learning Magazine recognized Wayne as a corporate learning leader by naming him one of the "Top 10 CLOs."

An energetic, powerful and compelling speaker, Wayne has delivered over 500 keynote sessions around the world for industry, government, and academia.
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