Robert Tomasulo

1997 Eckert-Mauchly Award Recipient

"For the ingenious Tomasulo's algorithm, which enabled out-of-order execution processors to be implemented."

Robert Tomasulo joined IBM research in 1956 after graduating from Manhattan College. After nearly a decade gaining broad experience in a variety of technical and leadership roles, he transitioned to mainframe development, including the IBM System/360 Model 91 and its successors. Following his 25 year career with IBM, Bob worked on an incubator project at Storage Technology Corp. to develop the first CMOS-based mainframe system; co-founded NetFrame, a mid-80s startup to develop one of the earliest microprocessor-based server systems; and worked as a consultant on processor architecture and microarchitecture for Amdahl Consulting.

On January 30, 2008, Tomasulo spoke at the University of Michigan College of Engineering about his career and the history and development of out-of-order execution. The seminar, believed to be his last public appearance, can be viewed at
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