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Is There a Market for an Internet of Things-Powered Cloud?
Guest Contributor Ryan Arsenault
AUG 17, 2015 15:36 PM
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Is There a Market for an Internet of Things-Powered Cloud?
by Ryan Arsenault
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Imagine an Internet of Things (IoT)-powered hospital, where real-time patient information is seamlessly transferred from Google Glass to a securely managed cloud, dedicated solely to IoT information. If General Electric (GE) has it its way, their IoT-powered cloud will make this scenario a reality.
According to ComputerWorld, GE is launching the Predix Cloud, “the only cloud offering designed specifically for industrial data and analytics across industries like aviation, healthcare, oil & gas, and transportation.” Additionally, while we all know that enterprise clouds are largely fueled by IT systems that provide data, this cloud will be 100% “designed with the presumption that people will be the largest content/data generators and/or the focal points.”
But is there a big opportunity for a services side to the Internet of Things — led by companies like GE — at this early juncture? After all, the IoT in and of itself is still an emerging technology (and phrase).
According to Aberdeen Senior Research Analyst Jim Rapoza, there is.
“While much of the initial focus of the Internet of Things has been around businesses that are primarily hardware providers, there is a lot of potential for businesses on the software, services, and management side to influence the evolution of IoT,” Rapoza mentioned. “Hardware companies will build the devices, but other vendors will influence how devices are deployed, managed, monitored, and secured.”
Get your smartwatches ready, folks. To the cloud!
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