Member Recognition
Distinguished Contributor Recognition Program
Recognizing members for their technical contributions to their profession and the society.

Get recognized for your achievementsNew in 2021, the IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor Recognition Program is open to all IEEE Computer Society members, including Affiliates, and is designed recognize members accomplishments and achievements to the computing profession.   This is a recognition program and is not an IEEE member grade.


Applications Deadline: Application opens 16 August 2021 and closes 30 September 2021




Minimum of 10 cumulative years of IEEE Computer Society membership, with at least 5 being consecutive at the time of submission. Student membership years excluded.

Evaluation of contributions made in the following areas:*

  • Awards and Keynotes
  • Publications
  • Standards, Patents, working groups, government advisory
  • Presentations
  • Tutorials and Training
  • Change Management, Corporate Contributions, Other Engineering

Applications must be submitted by 30 September; 11:59 PM ET

Members must meet the minimum length of membership requirement and have earned 100 points from the rubric below to be evaluated to be an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor. Members who have achieved the member grade of Fellow will automatically be made a Distinguished Contributor.

*Proper documentation is required for achievements made outside of contributions to the IEEE Computer Society.


Scoring Criteria


Awards and Keynotes | Publications | Standards, Patents, Working Groups, Government Advisory | Presentations | Tutorials and Training | Change Management, Corporate Contributions, Other Engineering


Test of Time Award (20 points each/Maximum 3 awards)

For papers presented at conferences more than 10 years ago, with more than 100 attendees, that continue to have a substantial impact on the field of computing, including both research and practice.

Best Paper Award (5 points each/Maximum 5 awards)

For papers submitted at conferences with more than 50 attendees.

Highly Cited Papers (25 points each/Maximum 2 papers)

For papers published in the field of computing that have been cited more than 400 times.

Well-Cited Papers (15 points each/Maximum 4 papers)

For papers published in the field of computing that have been cited between 200-399 times.

Major Keynotes (25 points each/Maximum 2 Keynotes)

Keynote presented at conferences with more than 1,000 attendees.

Keynote Talks (15 points each/Maximum 4 talks)

Keynote presented at conferences with more than 100 attendees.

Significant Recognition (15 points)

For significant recognition received for engineering management (may be demonstrated through a company award / letter detailing contributions to technical management.

New Product (20 points/Maximum 3 products)

For recognition for the development of a new product that successfully went to market.


Article Publication (4 points each/Maximum 12 articles)

For contributions made to the IEEE Computer Society portfolio of publications, including both magazines and research journals.

Book Chapter (10 points each/Maximum 3 chapters)

Author or co-author of a book  in a field covered by the IEEE Computer Society Books (20 points each/Maximum 3 books)

Author or co-author of a conference publications used in Computer Science Conference Publications (3 points each/Maximum 15 papers)

For recognition as an author of a published paper from a conference in a field related to the Computer Society.


Standards Working Group Chair (20 points)

For contributions made as the chair of IEEE Computer Society recognized standard.

Standards Author (10 points each/Maximum 3 standards)

For contributions made as an author to an IEEE Computer Society Standard.

Advisory Group (20 points each/ Maximum two appointments)

Contributions made by being appointed to an advisory group.

Patents Granted (5 points each/Maximum 10 patents)

For recognition of patents granted in areas represented bv the IEEE Computer Society.

Dataset Creation (10 points each/Maximum 5 datasets)

For creating a widely used dataset that others can use in their research or studies.


Distinguished Visitor (15 points total/Minimum required 3 talks)

For appointment as a CS DVP with a minimum 3 online and/or in person visits/presentations

Computer Society Chapter Talks (2 points each/Maximum 20 talks)

For sharing your depth of knowledge with a Computer Society Chapter.

Conference Presentation (w/out paper) or panelist at conference/workshop/symposium (2 points each/Maximum 15 presentations)

For contributing your knowledge to the future of your profession by presenting or serving as a panelist.


Online Courses or Tutorials (10 points each/Maximum 5 courses or tutorials)

For the development of education to assist in skill development that has been widely adopted.

Industry Technical Training (15 points total)

For significantly contributing to the delivery of an industry technical training.


Change Management (15 points)

For contributions to change management. Must show demonstration of significant contribution to updating / keeping one or more companies or government entities technologically current.

Corporate Contributions (Up to 50 points)

For recognition by industry for technical achievement.

Engineering Contributions (15 points)

For engineering contributions you have made that might not fit into the other areas already listed above.


Application Deadline: Applications will begin to be accepted on 16 August 2021. The deadline to submit is 30 September 2021.