Current Issue: The Security-Usability Tradeoff Myth

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Easy Email Encryption

Steven Bellovin explains that with a little work and help from the five biggest Internet companies, we can have secure email.   R...


The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw

David Nathans on Security Operations Centers and Medical Device Security

by Gary McGraw, Cigital

David Nathans, headshot

David Nathans is a security professional with Siemens Healthcare where he specializes in medical device security. He has extensive experience in building security operations centers (SOCs) and cyber security programs. As the author of Designing and Building Security Operations Center and an original member of the first cyber squadron of the Air National Guard, he has established his place as a leader in the security field. They discuss security considerations when designing and building SOCs, the emergence of DevOps, and the progress that’s been made between data and security in medical devices over the past decade.


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