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How Machine Learning & AI Will Improve Cyber Security
Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been proclaimed as perhaps the next great leap in human quality of life, as well as a potential reason for our extinction. Somewhere in between lies how ML & AI can potentially improve our Cyber Security efforts. But are ML & AI a true panacea or merely the next shiny trinket for the cyber industry to fixate on?
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Implementing Secure DevOps: Challenges and Opportunities
Organizations are turning out software faster than ever and recognizing their growing risk exposure to potential cyberattacks. Security teams are working with developers to change their approach and learn to integrate security directly into their process. However, as is often the case with implementing a new system-wide approach, establishing standards and best practices can be a daunting challenge.
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Top 5 Ways to Get Developer Application Security Buy-In
Learn the top 5 ways to get your Developer Buy-in to Application Security
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Developer Skills Gap
Hear from Maria Loughlin, SVP of Engineering for CA Veracode on giving your Developers the opportunity to gain Secure coding skills.
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Vulnerability Decoder: Cross-Site Scripting
Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities give attackers the capability to inject client-side scripts into the application, for example, to redirect users to malicious websites.
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Vulnerability Decoder: SQL Injection
SQL injection allows an attacker to gain unauthorized access to a backend database by using maliciously crafted input.
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5 Stages of the DevOps Journey
Launching a DevOps initiative requires the right mindset, metrics, policies, and practices. Here’s what to expect at each stage along your DevOps journey, and strategies to move you to your destination.
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The Security Professional’s Role in the DevSecOps World
DevSecOps is the future of software development. As this method changes the way organizations approach software creation, it’s also changing how people do their jobs, and even what those jobs are. The role of the security professional within the development process is changing in significant ways.
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Showing Your Skills: How to Become a Star Developer
Over the past decade, digital technologies have ushered in enormous changes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the arena of software development. Many legacy programming languages have faded into the background, while other coding languages have come and gone.
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What Developers Don’t Know About Security (But Should)
Application security is no longer a nice-to-have. For individual developers, that means security is becoming a job requirement. This guide will help build your knowledge of common vulnerabilities, from SQL injection to insecure crypto, and show you how to prevent them.
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Putting Security Into DevOps
Can DevOps be one of the most disruptive trends ever to hit software development, or even application security?
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Secure Agile Development – Securosis 3rd Party
This paper, written by the independent security analyst group Securosis, is for security professionals who want to understand Agile development and the issues developers face, so both teams can work together better..
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