Show 028: An Interview with Bill Cheswick
By Gary McGraw

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On the 28th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary interviews Bill Cheswick, a lead member of technical staff at AT&T Research and all around security guru. Bill has been working in computer security for over 35 years. He coined the term “proxy” in 1990 with reference to firewalls, and co-authored the book Firewalls and Internet Security which was used to train an entire generation of sys admins. Gary and Bill discuss whether we’re winning or losing the computer security war, how security threats have evolved from pimply-faced teenagers to organized crime, whether we should move security into “the cloud,” and whether re-naming “Christmas lights” to “solstice lights” would bypass NJ holiday decoration ordinances.



Gary McGraw


About Gary McGraw
Gary McGraw is vice president of security technology at Synopsys. He’s the author of Software Security: Building Security In (Addison-Wesley 2006) and eight other books. McGraw received a BA in philosophy from the University of Virginia and a dual PhD in computer science and cognitive science from Indiana University. Contact him at