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How to avoid the top 5 mistakes IT pros make when architecting a backup and disaster recovery solution. 
Speaker Jason Snook
May 18, 2017 11am PST


Sponsored by Quorum


BDR & Compliance: Finding a solution tath helps you meet regulatory requirements 
Speaker Fred Piquette
April 26, 2017  11am PST


Sponsored by Quorum


Evolving threats and vulnerabilities in today’s cloud computing environments

Speakers: John Howie

Live at:  January 25, 11:00am

Sponsored by:



ANSYS Quick Start Training - HFSS

Live at:  January 31, 2017

Sponsored by: SimuTech


Staying Out of the Crosshairs: Best Practices for Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance.

Speakers: Jason Snook

Live at:  February 28, 2017

Sponsored by: Quorum




5 ways to optimize developer output with automated code analysis

Live at:  December 14, 2016

Sponsored by: Rogue Wave Software


Advancements in Analysis of Antenna Design & Placement in Internet of Things

Live at:  December 12, 2016

Sponsored by: SimuTech



Quorum OnQ 4.0: Next generation 1-click recovery solution

Speakers: Jason Snook

Live at:  December 6, 2016

Sponsored by: Quorum


Protect Your Company – Teach Your Team to Hack”
Speaker Owen Shearing
October 25, 11am PST


Sponsored by NotSoSecure


Alaina Levine



Career Advancement in IT: Developing a Strategic Career Development Plan for IT Managers and Professionals

Speakers: Alaina Levine

Live at:  August 18, 2016

Sponsored by: Citrix



Bernard Golden


Accelerating DevOps with Real-Time Communication

Speakers: Bernard Golden

Live at:  May 3, 2016

Sponsored by: Citrix


Amy silberbauer

Roger LeBlanc


DevOps for Banking

Speakers: James Hunter and Peter Eeles

Live at:  March 17, 2016

Sponsored by: IBM   Register



Amy silberbauer

Roger LeBlanc

Marianne Hollier

Silicon Valley, We Have a Problem! Can IBM DevOps and SAFe help us fix our production problems faster?

Speakers: Amy Silberbauer, Roger LeBlanc & Marianne Hollier

Live at:  December 16, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM   Register



Bernard Golden

Steve Chambers

Implementing a DevOps Strategy

Speakers: Bernard Golden and Steve Chambers

Live at:  December 8, 2015

Sponsored by: Integrant


Todd Kindsfather

Reduce your outages and gain control! Don’t let application performance issues impact your clients. (PDH Approved)

Speaker: Todd Kindsfather

Date:  Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM


Michelle Bishop

Achieving Application Delivery Velocity with a 482% ROI Webinar featuring Forrester Consulting: The Total Economic ImpactTM of IBM UrbanCode      (PDH Approved)

Speaker: Michelle Bishop

Date:  Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM


Matt Gowarty

George Reese

Hidden "Gotcha's" Most IT Experts Miss in Hybrid Clouds

Speaker: George Reese and Matt Gowarty

Live at:  July 28, 2015

Sponsored by: Infoblox


Diego Lo Giudice

Al Wagner

Putting the Test in DevOps

Speaker: Diego Lo Giudice & Al Wagner

Live at:  July 22, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM


Marianne Hollier

Al Wagner

The Role of the Test Professional in Today’s DevOps World

Speaker: Marianne Hollier & Al Wagner

Live at:  June 30, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM


Bernard Golden

Preparing for the Next Generation of Enterprise Applications (PDH Approved)

Speaker: Bernard Golden

Date:  Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM


Mark Sadowski

Get Mapped: Using Value Stream Mapping to Create a DevOps Adoption Roadmap

Speaker: Sanjeev Sharma           (PDH Approved)

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM


Network Functions Virtualization and the Telco Cloud   (PDH Approved)

Speaker: Dr. Alan Sill, Dr. Dilip Kandlur

Orinally Aired:  Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sponsored by: IBM




How to successfully deliver a 5 Star Mobile App

Speaker: Yan Auerbach, Eric Odell

Live at:  February 19, 2015

Sponsored by: HP













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 -- Julie Vaishnav, Senior Manager, Marketing Programs, MKS Inc.

A Selection of Past Webinars We've Produced

  • The New Development Organization: Embracing "Open" and "Sharing" to Deliver Superior Value with BlackDuck expert: Ed Tilford
  • How to Avoid 5 Common Pitfalls in Open Source Utilization
  • Product development under siege: Technology changes bring business opportunities with IBM experts: Stan Przybylinski and Steve Shoaf
  • Test Virtualization in the Telecommunications Industry with IBM experts: Moshe Cohen and Scott Niemann
  • Agile with Adult Supervision with Method Park experts: Erich Meier, Scott W. Ambler
  • The Future of Wiretapping with expert: Susan Landau
  • Programming Heterogeneous X64+GPU Systems Using OpenACC with PGI expert: Michael Wolfe
  • Earn an MS in Data Analytics Online at CUNY SPS with CUNY experts: Felisa Vasquez-Abad, Robert Bry, Ravi Kaushik, Paul Russo
  • Use the Windshield, Not the Mirror: Predictive Metrics that Drive Successful Product Releases with Seapine experts: Sharon Niemi, Jeff Amfahr
  • Try F# for Big and Broad Data with Microsoft Research experts: Christophe Poulain, Don Syme, Evelyne Viegas, Kenji Takeda
  • Build Quality Products by Leveraging Agile Development and Automated Metric Reporting with IBM experts: Martin Bakal, Jennifer Althouse
  • Developing Mobile Apps on the Go - TouchDevelop for all Platforms with Microsoft Research experts: Arjmand Samuel, Nikolai Tillmann, Peli de Halleux
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