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Mike Hughes
Phone: +1 805-529-6790
Heather Buonadies
Phone: +1 973-585-7070
Cell: + 1 201-887-1703
fax: +1 973-585-7071
Central, Northwest, Far East
Eric Kincaid
Phone: +1 214-673-3742
fax+1 888-886-8599
Northeast, Midwest, EMEA
David Schissler
Phone: +1 508-394-4026
fax+1 508-534-1707

Advertising Personnel

Debbie Sims
Electronic Media Associate
Phone: +1 714-816-2138
Fax: +1 714-821-4641
Marian Anderson
Senior Advertising Coordinator
Phone: +1 714-816-2139
Fax: +1 714-821-4641


"I must say what a great job you have done in driving attendance to our webinar series!  I am both grateful and extremely impressed! Thank you! Nice Job!  I'm happy to tell others of how pleased I am of your team's great work."

Duncan Harvey Seidler
Business Development Manager
Method Park Software, AG

Customer Response

"The IEEE Computer Society webinars have provided the Lockeed Martin technical community with exposure to emerging technology and fresh ideas from industry and academic icons, providing role models and encouraging participation in professional activities."

  -- Dr. Will Tracz, Lockheed Martin Fellow

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