Color Pages

Both CVPR and ICCV proceedings are now published electronically in a DVD and color pages will not be charged separately.


Best paper prizes were handled in an ad hoc manner, but with the creation of the prize/award committee there will be more consistency. Essentially the committee generates a list of the prize finalists -- based on reviewers comments, area chairs, etc. The papers are forwarded to the selection committee (derived from the standing prize committee headed by the PAMI-TC Chair) with whatever extra criteria the donor may have (student paper, application, etc.). Certificates are done by IEEE, checks are most easily handled by having them direct from the donor to the winner.

Marr Prize with ICCV

There is some desire to keep the awarding of the Marr prize (the best paper in ICCV) under the control of the ICCV program committee. The general procedure should be similar to the regular prize paper method in order to avoid obvious or imagined conflicts.