TCPAMI-Sponsored Conferences

The TCPAMI regularly sponsors the following major conferences:

  • CVPR: Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, held every year in North America, except in years when ICCV is in North America
  • ICCV: International Conference on Computer Vision, which is held approximately every two years, generally rotating among the continents of Asia, North America, and Europe
  • WACV: Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision, now yearly in the winter
  • WMVC: Workshop on Motion and Video Computing, generally colocated with WACV
  • FG: Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition
  • AVSS: Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance

CVPR and ICCV are usually accompanied by numerous Short Courses and Workshops. In addition, other workshops may be sponsored throughout the year by the PAMI TC. For information on upcoming meetings, check here. For the history of CVPR and ICCV, check here. If you'd like to propose a meeting, send e-mail to the Chair. There is information about past conferences and ideas on how to set up a conference here.

For the list of upcoming TCPAMI sponsored conferences, please click here.