The IEEE Computer Society Standards Speakers Bureau has been developed so that acknowledged experts can share the current state, knowledge, and benefits of computer-related standards with the members of IEEE-CS chapters. Selected talks presented in cooperation with the local chapters will be provided through this podcast for the benefit of all who are interested as a demonstration of the value of IEEE Computer Society membership and participation with local chapters.


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Joe Decuir provides an "Ultra Wideband Update: IEEE 802.15.4a and Ecma-368: Results of UWB work in IEEE P802.15": Part One

IEEE P802.15 had two projects to standardize Ultra Wideband (UWB): Task Group 3a (TG3a) for high speed and high duty cycle applications, and Task Group 4a (TG4a) for low power and low duty cycle applications. TG3a dissolved after a long struggle between proponents of two technologies: Direct Sequence UWB and Multi-Band OFDM UWB. Both technologies have found homes: TG3a gave birth to the WiMedia Alliance, which published Ecma-368 based on Multi-Band OFDM UWB; TG4a incorporated Direct Sequence UWB into the draft IEEE 802.15.4a standard, promoted by the Zigbee Alliance.


Recorded 5 February 2007 in Vancouver, B.C. | Language: English


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