Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange

This standard specifies electronic data interchange formats for blank ballot distribution, primarily to satisfy the needs of the UOCAVA (Uniform and Overseas Citizens Assistance in Voting Act) and MOVE (Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment) Acts. Subsequent standards will address other requirements for electronic data interchange formats used by components of voting systems for exchange of electronic data. This scope does not include return of cast ballots by electronic means.

Data interchange specifications for voting systems may include information used to define and create ballots, as well as reporting of voting activity and results. Jurisdictional and geo-political information is included in that information, as are contest definitions, voter registration, and voting area (a.k.a., precinct) information. All such data is included in the scope of this project.  The project scope does not include implementation/vendor specific information.


This standard defines common data interchange formats to allow export of blank ballots from voting systems, primarily to facilitate the casting of ballots by military and overseas voters.




   Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange
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Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange
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   Voting Systems Electronic Data Intechange
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