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Verizon: Hacktivists Steal More Data than Cybercriminals

Information newly released by telecommunications giant Verizon suggests that so-called hacktivists aren’t breaking into organizations simply on principle, but are plundering data just like common cybercriminals. In its annual analysis of data breaches worldwide—the 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report—the company found that so-called hacktivist organizations, predominantly Anonymous and its allies Antisec and Lulzsec, took 58 percent of all data stolen during breaches purporting to be politically motivated in 2011. These sorts of incidents, Verizon reports, are more difficult to defend against because they are unpredictable and often utilize unique attacks. Hacktivist organizations were responsible for only 3 percent of all data breaches globally. Organized criminal groups were responsible for about 83 percent of the breaches and 35 percent of the data stolen. The Verizon report looked at 855 incidents, in which 174 million records were stolen. Verizon noted it is “cautiously pessimistic” about hacktivist attacks decreasing in number or impact in 2012. (BBC)(Computerworld)(Verizon)

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