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UK Team Creates Technology to Analyze US Presidential Race

University of Bristol researchers have developed Election Watch, an online tool designed to analyze worldwide news content pertaining to the 2012 US presidential election and let users more easily explore relevant patterns and information. “The number of news articles devoted to the US election is so large that no exhaustive analysis can be attempted by conventional means,” stated professor and project leader Nello Cristianini. “Any large-scale analysis of global coverage will necessarily need to make use of computational methods.” From a current accumulation of 91,456 articles, Election Watch users can, for example, look at articles based on political statements rather than keywords. The researchers applied various technologies, including quantitative narrative analysis and other forms of network analysis, to detect patterns and filter information that political observers can use to monitor a complex process such as a US presidential campaign. They will present their research at 13th conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, which runs through 27 April in Avignon, France. (PhysOrg)(University of Bristol)(Election Watch)

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