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Two Threats Place Most Smartphone Users at Risk of Data Theft, Hacking

Security researchers have revealed two threats that could put up to 90 percent of the world’s smartphone users at risk for problems such as having hackers take over their devices or steal their passwords or data. One threat is related to how device makers have implemented an obscure industry standard in smartphone management software, according to researchers with security firm Accuvant. The researchers found they could use a third-party vendor’s device management tool for remote configuration as an entry point into a cellular network. Hackers could change the functionality of the network and firmware updates as well as execute malicious code and install malware. The other threat, which Bluebox Security discovered, leverages malicious applications disguised as trusted software that are able to gain access to secured areas of Android devices without issuing any user notification. This Fake ID vulnerability affects Android systems starting with version 2.1. Google says it has already issued a fix for the Fake ID flaw. (Reuters)(The Daily Mail)(Dark Reading)(Wired)

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