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Transportation Technologies Duking It Out in San Francisco

There are numerous transportation options in the San Francisco area, but taxi services and ride sharing providers are now entrenched in a fight for business. Uber X, for example, is a digital ride sharing service that features options less expensive than hailing a cab. It is competing with ride sharing services such as Lyft and Sidecar, which give people rides with regular folks who use their personal cars as taxis. Professional cab drivers tell ABC affiliate KGO that their pay has decreased by roughly 25 percent since these start-ups launched, which has prompted some drivers to start using the Flywheel smartphone application. The creators of Flywheel are upping the ante by giving away free taxi fare to potential new users. Uber, the service that summons luxury car service for smartphone users, is now adding a fare splitting feature for its iPhone and Android users to remain competitive. (KGO)(CNET)(The New York Times)

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