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Tiny-Robot Swarm Plays Beethoven Piece

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory have programmed a swarm of very tiny robots to play Beethoven’s “Für Elise” on a virtual piano. The 5.5-centimeter-wide Khepera robots are thimble-shaped. The scientists choose one to be the swarm’s leader and provide it with the tune and information about where on the flat virtual piano each robot should be. The leader communicates this information to the other robots, which contain various sensors, an antenna, and two wheels. The robots mimic the swarming behaviors like those shown by birds or fish. The researchers have created a Robot Music Wall and are working on algorithms that would enable their robots to drive around it in a coordinated manner, playing different instruments and notes. (PhysOrg)(Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory) 

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