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Survey: Virtualization, Threat Complexity Are Hampering IT Security

The 2013 RSA Security Trends Survey by F5 Networks, an application-delivery networking vendor found that organizations “are struggling to keep pace” as security demands keep changing. Survey respondents reported that virtualization is the trend with the greatest impact on their ability to achieve a specific security level, followed by threat complexity and the use of personal devices in the enterprise. About half of the respondents said traditional security measures are inadequate in the current threat environment. For example, of the two-thirds of respondents who stated that cloud-based computing affected their security, roughly half said they cannot adequately secure their cloud-based infrastructure. The company conducted its survey during the recent RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco. Respondents were RSA attendees with responsibilities for security planning, management, oversight, or implementation. (Security Week)(F5 Networks) 

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