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Spanish Police Arrest Eight in Connection with Global Cyberheists

Spanish law-enforcement officials have announced that they arrested eight people suspected to have helped steal about $60 million from banks worldwide. The six Romanians and two Moroccans who were arrested on the outskirts of Madrid are alleged to have been part of a network that hacked into credit card processing firms, stole information, and used it to withdraw money from ATMs. Police reported they seized €25,000 ($34,450) in cash as well as roughly 1,000 blank credit cards, computer equipment, jewelry, and other goods. These suspects allegedly made 446 withdrawals totaling €285,000 ($392,700) in February using cloned payment cards at ATMs throughout Madrid plus another €68,000 ($93,700) in December 2012, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry. The hackers were reportedly controlled by a single person, an IT expert who was arrested in Germany. The Spanish police stated they were assisted by an unnamed US security agency. “The arrests are one of the biggest breakthroughs yet outside the United States in connection with a series of global bank heists, coordinated across numerous countries by cells which withdrew millions of dollars in a matter of hours,” according to Reuters. (PC World)(Reuters)

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