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Software-Analysis Method Stabilizes Shaky Sports Video

Video taken by enterprising outdoors enthusiasts using wearable cameras is designed to place a viewer in the moment of activities such as cycling, climbing, running, or paddling. However, such cameras frequently produce video that is “dead boring” if viewed in real time, Microsoft researchers told the BBC. Footage sped up, however, becomes shaky. Microsoft researchers have devised a software-analysis approach that speeds up and stabilizes video. Their hyperlapse software uses a three stage method to smooth camera jumps. First, it analyzes the video and identifies significant features that could help create a smooth reconstruction of the presentation. The software then calculates the smoothest possible way to use the video to create this virtual reconstruction. The software then renders the film accordingly, generating extra frames where necessary to smooth otherwise jumpy segments. Microsoft says it is working to transform the hyperlapse software into a Windows application. (BBC)(Microsoft Research)

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