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Security Researchers: Computer Virus Targets Venezuelans

Researchers from security vendor Kaspersky Lab have announced the discovery of a virus that targets Venezuelans and steals their online credentials. Victims download the virus after clicking on a link— “listas-fraude-electoral.pdf.exe” (which means “electoral fraud lists”).—that purportedly connects to information about that nation’s recent presidential election. Dmitry Bestuzhev, Kaspersky’s head of Latin America research, said the malware spreads via e-mail and affected at least 75 of the company’s customers. The virus lets criminals steal victims’ banking information and their online credentials for Comisión de Administración de Divisas, the nation’s currency agency. “Being that this malware is quite simple and also targeting only Venezuelan banks and CADIVI, we can strongly assume that the cybercriminals who produced it are from Venezuela, too," Bestuzhev wrote.
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