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Security Researchers Uncover Internet-Traffic Attack

Security researchers have found that hackers have diverted Internet traffic from about 150 cities worldwide through networks in Belarus and Iceland. Renesys, an Internet-intelligence service provider, said the attack’s targets were ISPs in every major US city, as well as European and  African cities. Renesys has dubbed this type of Internet route hijacking—a variation of a man-in-the-middle attack—targeted Internet traffic misdirection. The attacker inserts false or bad information into the global routing table that changes the path of the traffic. For example, Renesys observed data traffic between two providers in Denver passing through Iceland with hops in places such as London, Montreal, New York, Dallas and Kansas City. The company claims the hackers’ motivation is likely financial gain associated with stealing information from the traffic. It has notified the targets and is working on ways to fix the vulnerability that enables the attacks. Other than ISPs, the attacks have targeted organizations such as major financial institutions, government agencies, and Internet telephony providers throughout the US, South Korea, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Libya, and Iran. Renesys says that it first detected the attacks in February 2013, that they continued in March, and that they moved the place through which they redirected traffic from Belarus to Iceland in May. (All Things D)(Renesys)

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