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Retaliatory CyberAttack Ends

Dutch hosting provider CyberBunker, which has allegedly been the source of an ongoing and virulent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the anti-spam organization Spamhaus, appears to have had its website taken down -- in a DDoS attack. A series of huge attacks were reportedly launched against Spamhaus in retaliation for placing CyberBunker on its spam blacklist. CyberBunker claimed the attacks were collectively launched by individuals and ISPs who have had problems with Spamhaus, an organization whose databases help organizations, including the government and military, block spam messages. Earlier in the week, hyperbolic reports stated the attacks against Spamhaus were causing the World Wide Web to slow appreciably. Upon closer observation, Internet watchdogs reported the congestion was not widespread, but rather centered in the UK as well as Germany and the Netherlands, which is where the bickering groups are based. (InformationWeek)(NPR)(Spamhaus)

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