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Researchers Develop Gigapixel Camera

A Duke University research team has created a prototype camera capable of taking images with resolutions as high as 50 gigapixels. Consumer digital cameras typically have resolutions between 8 and 40 megapixels. Duke’s AWARE-2 is 2.5 feet square and 20-inches deep, and consists of 98 synchronized microcameras. Each captures information from a specific area in the viewing field. A processor combines the smaller photos into a single large image. The researchers say the camera is now very large in part to accommodate components needed to prevent overheating. In the future, it will likely be used primarily for military surveillance. University of Arizona researchers contributed to the DARPA-funded project. The Duke scientists said they expect their technology to appear eventually in commercial handheld gigapixel-resolution cameras. They published their work in the journal Nature. (BBC)(Nature News & Comment)(Nature)(Duke University)

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