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Researchers Create Nanowire Film that Promises Versatile, Less Expensive Electronics

Duke University researchers say they have created flexible, electrically conductive copper-nickel nanowires that promise to be less expensive and more robust than current circuitry. The film conducts electricity even under conditions that typically limit electron transfer in conventional silver and copper nanowires. The nanowire film would also be an alternative to indium tin oxide, a brittle, expensive film typically coated on glass to act as a conductive layer in devices such as cellular phones and e-readers, Indium tin oxide also typically requires the costly vapor-deposition process when used in manufacturing. However, the new material is not yet as conductive as indium tin oxide. The Duke researchers are working on its use in applications such as printed electronics, e-paper, smart packaging, and interactive clothing. NanoForge Corp. is making copper-nickel nanowires for testing and commercialization. (EurekAlert)(“Synthesis of Oxidation-Resistant Cupronickel Nanowires for Transparent Conducting Nanowire Networks,” A.R. Rathmell, M. Nguyen, et alNanoLetters, May 29, 2012.)

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