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Researchers’ Release Digital Reconstruction of Roman Emperor’s Villa

An international team of academics is launching the reconstruction of an ancient Roman imperial villa at the Harvard University Center for Hellenic Studies. The site can be viewed online at <>. The five-year project used detailed archeological data to create an interactive version of Hadrian’s Villa. Built for the Roman emperor Hadrian, it is among the best-preserved Roman imperial sites. The research team—led by Indiana University professor Bernie Frischer—used academic studies of the site’s buildings and grounds, as well as detailed analysis of them in its digital reconstruction of the 250 acres and more than 30 buildings of the Tivoli, Italy, compound. Users can select a historically accurate avatar to tour the grounds, choosing from among Imperial Court members, Roman senators, soldiers, or slaves. Participants in the project included various academic institutions, museums, and a unit of the Italian Ministry of Culture.(SlashDot)(Indiana University @ Newswise)(University of Virginia)

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