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Report: Spam Levels Drop Significantly

A new report shows that there has been a marked decrease in spam compared to the previous year. Commtouch, a security vendor, attributed this to numerous factors, including the takedown of the Rustock botnet, which reportedly e-mailed roughly 30 billion spam messages each day. At that time, about 150 billion spam messages were sent daily; after its takedown, those levels dropped and have continually decreased with no sign that they will increase again. As of the first quarter of 2012, an average of 94 billion spam emails were sent each day, adds Commtouch. The vendor says other botnet takedowns, plus industry efforts to prosecute spammers for sending messages, including those regarding fake pharmaceuticals and replicas, has also helped. Despite this, spam remains four times greater than legitimate e-mail traffic and there were 270,000 bots activated daily in early 2012 for sending spam, up from 209,000 in late 2011.
The analysis is based on more than 10 billion transactions daily through its GlobalView Cloud service and  doesn't factor in internal corporate traffic. (SlashDot)(Help Net-Security)(Ars Technica)(Commtouch)

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