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Raspberry Pi Launches Application Store

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the opening of the Pi Store, which features a wide range of free resources – including games – for its users. The “one-stop shop” will feature software as well as tools and tutorials for the computer. This includes a full complement of free information for the totally new Raspberry Pi user. The first tutorial is a series of 17 lessons that teaches novices how to create a Space Invaders-style game. “We hope that the Pi Store will provide young people with a way to share their creations with a wider audience, and maybe to make a little pocket money along the way; as well as offering commercial developers an easy way to get their software seen by the Raspberry Pi community,” stated the foundation. The site does offer paid content; however, there is a “tip jar” where even those developers offering free content can be compensated for their work. The low-cost PC was developed by The Raspberry Pi Foundation with the goal of interesting more children worldwide in computer programming by providing them with an affordable PC. (Ars Technica)(The Raspberry Pi Foundation)

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