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Prototype Contact-Lens Design Eliminates Bulky Displays

Innovega, a company specializing in eyewear- and contact lens-based display technologies, has agreed to provide DARPA with a prototype military heads-up display system. The agency has been seeking heads-up-displays for military use that can allow pilots, for example, to see data superimposed over what they might see while flying. Innovega has a display system known as iOptik that works with special contact lenses with components that do not impede a wearer’s vision and with a special pair of lightweight eyeglasses. The images are projected onto tiny full-color displays, which eliminates the need for bulky virtual reality/augmented reality (AR) helmets. The researchers say the contact lens implementation would let wearers simultaneously focus both near and far, which would enable a combatant to use a portable device while in the field.  Innovega expects its commercial contact-lens system to receive US Food and Drug Administration approval and be available to the public at the end of 2014 for applications including gaming, 3D film viewing, and AR. (PhysOrg)(

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