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New US Military Network Technology Supports Mobile Communication in the Field

A program of the US DARPA is designed to provide troops with the ability to immediately send and access tactical information in the field via mobile devices. The Content-Based Mobile Edge Networking program is a new form of networking that allows those in the field to share critical content even in the event the radios or mobile devices have lost contact with their headquarters units. The devices can function as a server in this event, distributing information, including tactical updates. This, says the agency, significantly improves the common situational awareness of those in the field and their ability to carry out their mission. The agency tested software for the network on Android-based smartphones and military radios. The technology may also be used in civilian applications, namely disaster response, where first responders and other organizations could share images and information. The program started its second phase of testing in August to prove its ability to support United States Marine Corps and Army networks using both military radios and commercial smartphones with Wi-Fi capabilities. It will also work on developing network security and the efficiency of information exchanges to ultimately reduce power and bandwidth. (PhysOrg)(DARPA)

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