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New Technology Used for Woodland Field Research

Oregon State University researchers have created a technology capable of listening to multiple bird sounds simultaneously, identifying the species present, and giving researchers information about how the birds may be changing their habits as a result of habitat loss or climate change. The system uses multi-instance, multilabel machine learning for tasks such as determining where a bird is and where it is nesting. Its sensitive, omnidirectional acoustic system can also detect other woodland noises, including the sounds of crickets and frogs or rain. The system has an error rate similar to that of human experts, said the researchers. They are now working to eliminate issues that might hamper the system from working properly, including aural interference from people partying in the woods and bear curiosity. The scientists note that they once found a bear’s bite mark on one of their microphones. They published their research in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. (EurekAlert)(Oregon State University)

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