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New Motion Tracking Technology Provides US Football Teams and Fans with Player Information

New shoulder pad-mounted motion sensors will give fans, coaching staffs, and players with detailed information about US football teams’ players. Zebra Technologies’ RFID systems will provide real-time information about every National Football League player’s position and following plays, his speed, distance travelled, acceleration, and other performance-related metrics. A coach could see, for example, the distance between an offensive player and the defender assigned to cover him. Teams could use this information to, for example, change their strategy during a game. As for enhancing the fan experience, neither the league nor Zebra provided specific information about how the information would be conveyed from the database it will use to store the gathered data. The statement only mentioned that the data would “be outputted to generate new experiences built around this additional data.” Whether it will be used on displays in the stadium or mobile device applications remains open to conjecture. Zebra will install the technology in 15 sports stadiums hosting 2014 Thursday night football games—in Atlanta; Baltimore; Charlotte, N.C. (home of the Carolina Panthers); Chicago; Cincinnati; Denver; Foxborough, Mass. (home of the New England Patriots); Green Bay, Wisc.; Houston; Jacksonville, Florida; Miami; Oakland; San Francisco; St. Louis; and Washington, D.C.—as well as Detroit and New Orleans. (TechCrunch)(Zebra Technologies @ PR NewsWire)

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