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New Cellular Technology Moves into Mainstream

Time-Division Long-Term Evolution, a form of LTE cellular technology, appears to be gaining support from a wide range of companies. TD-LTE communicates using a single block of radio frequencies for transmission and receiving that the carrier can divide in any fashion rather than paired blocks, one for transmitting and one for receiving as is used with Frequency-Division Duplexing-LTE. Industry observers say that TD-LTE can be configured to appropriate sized levels for incoming and outgoing traffic, which permits flexible, better bandwidth use. At the recent Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, carriers and equipment vendors—including Nokia Siemens Networks and China Mobile—demonstrated how they are deploying or plan to deploy TD-LTE. About 2.7 billion customers in Asia could use the technology, according to electronics vendor LG. Carriers in Brazil, India, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and the US have also said they will offer the service. (Network World)(Mashable)

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