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New App Adds Enemies to Social Media

University of Texas at Dallas researchers released a Facebook plug-in application that lets the site’s users declare enemies. Facebook currently has a “like” feature but nothing to indicate people or ideas that participants disagree with or oppose. EnemyGraph will change this. “It’s social-media blasphemy, in that we’re suggesting that you share differences you have with people and share things that you don’t like instead of what you do like,” the UT Dallas researchers told The Chronicle of Higher Education. “[S]ocial media needs some disruption. It needs its shot of Johnny Rotten.” According to PCWorld, among the top 10 most popular “enemies” listed by EnemyGraph users are currently US Senator Rick Santorum, singer Justin Bieber, Westboro Baptist Church, Internet Explorer, Fox News, Farmville, Racism, the Twilight Series, the rock band Nickelback, and radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)(PC World)(The Wall Street Journal)

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