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IPv6 Now Live

Anticipated for years, 6 June was the Internet Society-sponsored World IPv6 Launch Day, in which ISPs and other participants officially began permanent IPv6 deployment for their products and services. IPv6 offers a 128-bit address space and thus allows 3.4×1038 IP addresses, far more than the 4.3 billion that the 32-bit IPv4 allows. This is important because today’s huge number of Internet-connected devices have essentially exhausted the IPv4 address space. World IPv6 Launch Day participants included Google, AT&T, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo!, Comcast and Facebook. As Wired points out, “That doesn’t mean IPv4 is going away. None of the big Web companies are going to drop IPv4. They’re just adding IPv6 as another option. And service providers such as Akamai, AT&T, and Comcast are going to do the same thing. … But there’s an insatiable demand for Internet-capable devices, and soon companies are going to start leaning on that brand new IPv6 address space. And the more systems out there that support the same protocol, the easier it will be for everyone to find each other in this brand new Internet.” (PC World)(Time)(Wired)

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