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Intel Unveils 14-Nanometer Chips

Intel has launched its Core M processor, which has 14-nanometer features, much smaller than the 22-nanometer features on newer commercial microprocessors. Smaller feature sizes let manufacturers put more transistors on chips, making them more powerful than processors of similar size; or create smaller chips that are as powerful as other processors. The latter capability would let manufacturers create thinner and lighter devices. This could help Intel better compete with ARM, the leading maker of chips for mobile devices. In addition to having smaller feature sizes, the new chips are smaller than their predecessors in part because they contain less packaging and are so power efficient and produce so little heat that they do not need a fan for cooling. ARM makes chips that are fanless. Intel expects the first devices with the Core M chips to be available during the 2014 winter holiday season, with more to be released in the first half of 2015. Intel executives note that although the new chips are intended for initial use in portable devices, they eventually will be used in bigger products, including large servers and desktop PCs. (CNET)(The Wall Street Journal)

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