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Intel, MIT Announce Big Data Initiative

Intel selected MIT to host a new big data research center. This facility will be the cornerstone of the bigdata@CSAIL initiative at the university’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Researchers there will tackle challenges such as the analysis of complex biological data and the development of algorithms to calculate reliable car routes. They will also investigate issues including expanding computing infrastructures for handling increased data loads, big data analysis tools, and new data visualization techniques. The Intel Science and Technology Center at CSAIL will include University of California at Santa Barbara, Portland State University, Brown University, the University of Washington, and Stanford University researchers. Intel has committed $2.5 million annually for at least the next three years to the center, with an additional two-year commitment possible if the center passes a three-year review. bigdata@CSAIL is also funded by insurance company American International Group (better known as AIG), cloud-computing vendor EMC, software vendor SAP, and business-data provider Thomson Reuters. (PhysOrg)(CSAIL)(bigdata@CSAIL)(MIT News Office)

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