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Google Repairing Another Application Glitch, this Time in Messaging

The Google Hangouts instant messaging service is delivering messages to unintended recipients. There apparently is no pattern as to the messages’ senders or recipients. The technology, formerly known as Google Talk, is part of the Google+ Hangouts platform, released in May 2013, which offers instant messaging and video chat. The ZDNet news website reports the error occurs in PC-based Google Apps for Business accounts that have not yet switched to the new Hangouts platform as well as mobile versions of the application. Users are given no indication that their message is going to an unintended recipient. Google acknowledged the three-and-a-half hour-long problem via its Apps Status Dashboard. Google has not provided additional details as to when the issue would be resolved. Earlier in the week, Google’s Gmail had operational problems. (ZD Net)(Google Apps Status Dashboard)

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