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GitHub Encourages Code Licensing

Github, an open source code repository, has launched a site that allows its developers to select a license for their work. The Choose a License site provides information about the features of each license type to users before they make a selection. They can also explicitly select a no license option with the cautionary “please note that opting out of open source licenses doesn't mean you’re opting out of copyright law.” The site also clearly states in several places that developers should have legal counsel before making a decision. Earlier this year, Aaron Williamson, senior staff counsel at the Software Freedom Law Center, investigated license-free software and whether young developers don’t want to deal with the complexities of open source licensing and governance. In his analysis of 28 percent (1,692,135) of GitHub’s code repositories, only 14.9 percent contained some form of license. (SlashDot)(InfoWorld) (ComputingNow NewsFeed – 18 June 2013)(GitHub)(Choose a License 

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