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Device Lets Dairy Cows “Text” Farmers

A Swiss research team has developed a device that alerts dairy farmers when their milch cows are in heat. This can be difficult to detect as feed supplements designed to increase milk production can change the animals’ metabolism and yield fewer visual signs that the cow is in heat. The new device uses sensors that measure body heat and motion, and then use an algorithm to determine whether the cow is in heat. If so, the system sends a short-message-service note to the farmer’s smartphone in German, French, Italian, English, or Spanish. The farmer pays for the text messages. The device’s inventors are with Anemon SA, a company that develops electronic equipment to help farmers manage their cow herds. They say their device is 90 percent accurate. Anemon plans to sell the device for about $1,400 each. (The New York Times)(Anemon) 

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